Beating Back to School Blues

Transitioning from fun, summer activities to back-to-school schedules is never an easy task. These tips and tricks might make the blues a little more bearable.


It’s Back-to-School season! While this school year may look a little different than years past, households across America are still thrust into the familiar chaos of preparing for their child’s return to learning. Schedule shifts, e-learning, sporting practices, social activities, and the general hurried rush that comes with this major change in your family’s schedule is rough on everyone in the home. And, as it often happens with big changes, your pet’s normal schedule can often become lost or confusing as everyone settles into a new routine. Instead of afternoon walks and play time in the park, their companions are suddenly unavailable, or not home at all. 

Our domesticated animals are creatures of habit, especially our canine friends. Those “back to school blues” can be a real bummer.