Leash Lies: 6 Behaviors To Stop Today

Don’t get so “wrapped up” by the great Leash Lies that you forget proper pet etiquette.


We have all heard them: The Great Leash Lies. We may have even been guilty of saying them out-loud. Our pet is approaching someone and those silly words come out before we can even think; “Don’t worry. He’s friendly!”

OK… But, where is his leash??

Regardless of an animal’s outward demeanor, leashing your pet is not only responsible pet parenting, it’s literally required by law. Still though, every year tens of thousands of people end up in emergency rooms with dog bites. Many of those injuries because a pet wasn’t properly secured and/or the owner wasn’t paying close enough attention. Remember, proper pet parenting starts at home. And it begins with recognizing those menacing Leash Lies and fixing them.